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BC Conservation Foundation 2019 Children's Artwork Contest Winners

January 10, 2019


British Columbia Conservation Foundation announced the winners of their 2019 Children's Artwork Contest.

12 winners were selected from submissions from all over the province and we are proud to announce that Summit Learning Centre had 2 winning students Shawnti, Grade 6 and Maisie, Grade 12.

BC Conservation Foundation will be showcasing one of the 12 winners artwork on their homepage each month.  Please visit their website BC Conservation Foundation to view the artwork.

CONGRATULATIONS Shawnti and Maisie we are very proud of you.

Shawnti - Gr 6 - Sturgeon

Shawnti Grade 6 - Sturgeon.jpg

Maisie - Gr 12 - Bear eating Salmon

Maisie Grade 12 - Bear eating Salmon.jpg