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Summit Learning Centre
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Elementary & Middle School Programs

Elementary and Middle School Programs for K-9 Students

Elementary Program

Our elementary program at Summit is led by our experienced BC certified teachers.  At this level our educational program is primarily a paper based program developed by our teachers, based on BC curriculum and then personalized to meet the unique learning needs of each child.  The model is a 'structured yet flexible' approach to learning that has proven successful over the years and continues to evolve on an ongoing basis to meet the needs of our ever changing and diverse population of students.  We offer weekly face to face opportunities here at Summit, in addition to other locations throughout the lower mainland to allow important social interaction opportunities for Summit students and families.

Middle School Program

Our Middle School program is led by our experienced BC certified teachers.  At the middle school level we offer a comprehensive online program delivered in a flexible and self-paced approach to learning.  

For our students in Grade 7 - 9 Summit offers 2 weekly tutorials.  Any students who would like to come in to work on their courses may drop in to attend during these times.  This will be a quiet work time where students can concentrate but work with help if needed. 

 Tutorials are held on:

  • Tuesdays from 10am to 11am
  • Thursdays from 1pm to 2pm

Field trips, lesson series, social interaction and more!!!!

At Summit we recognize the importance of social interaction and relationship building for all of our students and families.  For this reason we offer ongoing social interaction opportunities and experiences for our full time students.  These opportunities have the additional benefit of providing opportunities for students to meet many of the curricular outcomes often difficult to meet in a home learning setting.  

Resources we have for STUDENTS:

  • Lexia - reading program
  • ScienceFlix – science resource
  • Raz Kids- reading
  • Mathletics
  • Prodigy – Math
  • ERAC
  • District Curriculum Connections

Please contact us for more information!


Resources in the Mission Community for Elementary School Aged Children

Please see the document below for more information:

Resources in the Mission Community for Elementary School Aged Children.pdf