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Memo to Parents March 10 2021

March 11, 2021
Dear Parents:

I wanted to provide an update as we look towards the new school year in September. It is interesting to note that a year ago today we stopped a school bus from heading to the airport as things began to shut down, and we certainly had no idea how long or significantly Covid would impact our schools and our lives in general. Nonetheless, we do appear to be nearing the end of most restrictions as we head towards the summer. The Provincial Health Office has indicated that this summer may begin a return to normal.
At this time, the Ministry of Education is suggesting that September will be ‘Stage One’, which is effectively a return to how schools ran in the past. There will likely still be some restrictions and regulations regarding cleaning processes or activity guidelines, but most schools and courses will return to their traditional formats. A caution, however, is that things could of course change, and we will need to be flexible as we near September 2021.
For those of you with children enrolled at Summit Learning Centre, please be aware that effective June 30, 2021, seats will not be held at your child’s original school. That is, if you intend to return to your child’s usual school you need to commit to this before the end of this school year; students continuing at Summit will no longer have their seat held at their regular school. Please be sure to contact your school before the end of June if you intend to return.
If you have questions regarding these matters, do not hesitate to contact me at As new information is provided to School Districts, I will pass that information on to our community. Thank you for all your work supporting your children and our schools through this very unique year. I know all of us are looking forward to some easing of restrictions in the coming months. Thank you for your ongoing patience.

Angus Wilson
Superintendent of Schools