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Distributed Learning vs Homeschooling

Distributed Learning vs Homeschooling – what is the difference?

Summit Learning Centre is primarily a Distributed Learning (DL) school.

Most of our students are "enrolled" as distributed learners. However, there are other terms people often use to identify programs like ours, including: home-schooling, distance education and virtual education.

The “official” terms used by the B.C. Ministry of Education are: Distributed Learning and Homeschooling. Some families new to our program do not realize that there is a difference between the two, or they may confuse one with the other.

Here are the differences between the two programs:

Distributed Learning (Enrolled)Homeschooling (Registered)
Students are “enrolled” at an independent or public school (Summit is a public school) in B.C., and the program is the responsibility of that school.Students are “registered” as homeschooled children through a school within the district where they live.
Each student’s learning is supervised and directed by a teacher certified in British Columbia (parents are not the teachers, but may help facilitate their child’s learning).Each student’s learning is directed and supervised by the parent or guardian – the program is their responsibility.
Each student must be assessed on a regular basis, and receive provincial letter grades, report cards and a permanent student record – just the same as they would in any B.C. neighbourhood school.Student progress and programs are not inspected by the Ministry of Education.
Upon meeting requirements for graduation, students will receive a British Columbia Dogwood certificate.Students do NOT receive a British Columbia Dogwood graduation certificate.
All curriculum and resources used for your child's program must be strictly secular (non-religious in nature) as per the School Act. 

For even more information about the differences between enrolling and registering, please visit the BC Ministry of Education website. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us.