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Summit K - 7 Silverdale - Book Fair information - by APPOINTMENT ONLY

November 19, 2021

Summit Families,
I am excited that Silverdale Elementary is giving us the opportunity to participate in the Book Fair on Monday November 22nd in the library!

IMPORTANT INFO: There are limited spots and it's on a first come, first serve basis for timeslots. If you are interested in attending, we are following health protocols this year, so please email me on the following information:

  • You plan to attend and how many people.
  • ​The timeslot you would prefer: 1:00-1:15, 1:15-1:30, 1:30-1:45 or 1:45-2:00pm. We are on a tight timeline so browsing and transactions need to be completed in the timeslot. I recommend that you review online the book selections that you might see in the link provided below.

 I will confirm with you on email your appointment for the Bookfair. We will not accept walk-ins.  

If you are interested in the bookfair, but would like to shop online, you can find information and resources and below. Next month is December and books make great gifts!!!
😊 Mrs. D

Virtual Book Fair Extension and shipping
Your Book Fair will have a Virtual extension for parents who cannot attend in person to safely participate from home.  Simply advertise the extension on the school website, newsletter or social media platforms.  All orders placed online will be individually packaged, labelled, consolidated and shipped to the school free of charge where parents and students can pick up their orders.  Sales through the Virtual Fair will be included in your total sales and you will see this amount auto-populate on your Rewards Worksheet.

Here is the link for the Virtual extension you need to advertise:
A reminder that no purchases can be made until the Fair start date.  Parents can only browse and get a sneak peek prior to the Fair start date.  The shop will open up on November 22nd.  Once the shops opens up, a book counter will appear on the front page to let patrons know how many books have been sold.  You can view the live sales numbers by logging into the toolkit.

Flyer and featured books for online advertising

Letters and templates to parents that reflect in-school Fair with Virtual Extensions

Author Videos