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Are you considering post-secondary education? Then consider the scholarships and bursaries available to you!

Students in grades 12...

It is recommended that grade 12 students who are graduating explore the numerous scholarships and bursaries that are available to them should they continue on to post secondary.

Students in grade 10 and 11...

Take the time to review the criteria that is necessary to seriously contend for an award. Such things as volunteering, community involvement, athletic and artistic endeavors can make the difference in receiving a scholarship or bursary. Belonging to a Credit Union for one or more years before you graduate, allows you to apply for some of their awards. Many Unions give awards to sons and daughters of members, and often business and organizations have special scholarships and bursaries for employees and members. These are just a couple of examples, so take the time to do the research. It can be worth dollars for post secondary education.

Most Common Awards:

To see a list and brief descriptions of some common awards available to you, click here.

Typical Application Requirements :

Click here to see a list of typical application requirements.

Scholarship Links:

Click here for websites with more information about bursaries and scholarships.

Please contact us for more information.


Note: scholarships and bursaries apply to Summit students who are enrolled in Distributed Learning and not those registered in Homeschooling.