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The term ‘ArtSmarts’ refers to hundreds of classes offered to Summit Learning Centre students. These classes are taught by professionals who specialize in a certain art, sport or subject. Although ArtSmarts does encompass activities from the Fine Arts strands such as music, dance, visual arts and drama, the ‘ArtSmarts’ program has also grown to include lessons in other subject areas including Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Health and Career Education, Second Languages, Foods, and Applied Skills.

ArtSmarts Calendar

Full-time enrolled students students may register for as many ArtSmarts cross-curricular programs as they wish.


ArtSmarts was created because some Prescribed Learning Outcomes are difficult to meet because of lack of appropriate equipment, resources, space, qualified instructors, and/or facilities. Summit Learning Centre is pleased to offer programs and activities in all facets of the Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum which support our students in their pursuits of meeting all learning outcomes. There are many courses/activities/fieldtrips held throughout the Lower Mainland. Most programs are several sessions held weekly during one of three terms.

Students living outside of the Lower Mainland will have access to an additional $200 in allotment credits to purchase Fine Arts, Physical Education, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies activities in their community


Some of the additional benefits of the ArtSmarts activities include:

Where and when:

The ArtSmarts programs are currently offered in several centres throughout the Lower Mainland, generally in the Fraser Valley, Tri-Cities and Vancouver. We will continue to seek out opportunities to present the ArtSmarts program in other areas of the Lower Mainland depending on where our families reside.

For our families living outside of the Lower Mainland and Metro areas, there are subsidized ArtSmarts opportunities available so that all Summit students have access to a rich and varied curricular programme.

Variety and flexibility:

The ArtSmarts programs are organized so that a family can come out to an event and have children of a variety of ages take part in a variety of activities simultaneously. For example, at Place des Arts in Coquitlam, the grade 7 student may participate in pottery and then tap dancing classes and drama classes before going to gymnastics lessons at the centre down the street. The grade 1 sibling would have the tap dancing lessons and drama classes before their pottery lessons and then would join the grade 7 for the gymnastics session. In gymnastics, the students would be divided into small groups based on their age and experience and they would rotate through a variety of stations.

For parents:

Centres are chosen so that parents can meet and connect while their children are learning. Parent workshops are organized from time to time during these session times. Topics include:

Take-home resources are given out at many of the parent workshops.





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