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Summit offers full-time elementary and secondary programs for students who are fully educated at home. We also deliver free, part-time high-school courses – accessible anytime, anywhere in B.C. We seek to provide the utmost flexibility to students and parents while offering the very best teacher support. Please contact us to learn more or to enrol in our programs.

Distributed Learning occurs when you are learning at a distance from your teacher, whether you are at home, at school or at another learning facility. Distributed learning is funded by the Ministry of Education as a means of ensuring improved access, more choice, and flexibility to learn outside classroom schedules.

Students in Grades 10,11, and 12 are entitled to be ‘cross-enrolled’, which means that they may take one or two courses through Summit, but complete the majority of their program at their neighborhood high-school.New enrolments for all secondary courses at the Grade 10, 11 & 12 level , as well as new enrolments for full-time K-12 students are accepted on an on-going basis.

Important Upcoming Dates

Friday May 20 – Pro-d Day – Summit Office Closed and Teachers not available

Monday May 23 – Victoria Day Holiday - Summit Closed

Thursday May 26 2016 – School District Aboriginal Recognition Dinner – Kindergarten – Grade 6 – Heritage Park Middle School

Monday May 30 2016 – Student Learning Plans for the 2016-2017 School Year Begin ( see above)

Monday  June 6 2016 – Elementary Term 3 Cut-off

Monday June 6 2016 – Project Day at Summit

Wednesday June 8 2016 – Grade 10-12 Register for Provincial Exams

Friday June 10 2016 – Summit Family Year End Barbecue at Summit ( see above )

Tuesday June 14 2016 – Grade 8-12 Term 4 cut-off

Wednesday June 15 2016 – All Books and Resources Returned to Summit

Wednesday June 15 – Request for Registrations for the 2016-2017 School Year Into Office

June 22-28 2016 – Grade 10-12 Provincial Exams

Wednesday June 29 2016 – Last day for the regular school year for teaching staff

Thursday June 30 2016 – Report Cards Issued

Friday July 1 2016  - Canada Day Holiday – Summit Closed

Tuesday July 5 2016 – Grade 10-12 Summer Hours begin at Summit ( see above )

Thursday July 28 2016 – Last Day for Summer Hours Grades 10-12 – Online Courses Close for Summer at 3:00 PM – Summit Closed for Summer




We would like to invite you all to our  Annual Summit Project Day to take place on Monday June 6 2016.   This event is a wonderful opportunity for our students to share anything they have done this year that they feel proud of.  Your ‘project’ can be a model, a display, an interesting Art project, or collection of assignments from any subject area …..anything goes!  Students will bring their ‘project’ to Summit and set it up on a table, and then stay with their project while our Summit families and guests view all our wonderful student work.  This event has proven to be a fun time to celebrate all the great learning being done by our Summit students.  Everyone is welcome to attend our Project Day and participate, or simply stop by and enjoy our student’s work, and celebrate learning at Summit.


Note: Project set-up for students will be from 10:45-11:00.  Project viewing will take place from 11:00-12:00.  Please let us know if your child will be participating, so we can plan accordingly.


A celebration deserves a treat after! So all of our Project Day participants will be served a treat at the end of the session!




        please email for registration info

The term ‘ArtSmarts’ refers to FREE ACTIVITIES offered to fully enrolled Summit Learning Centre students. These classes are taught by professionals who specialize in a certain art, sport or subject. Although ArtSmarts does encompass activities from the Fine Arts strands such as music, dance, visual arts and drama, the ‘ArtSmarts’ program has also grown to include lessons in other subject areas including Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Health and Career Education, Second Languages, Foods, and Applied Skills.


Do you have any questions,comments or suggestions for your Parent Advisory Committee?

Please email :


connect with parents of Summit on their independantly parent run facebook page :

Summit Learning: A Community of Home Learning Families.

Free the Children - Student Leadership

Summit students should be proud that so far this year we have :

- raised $549,this money went to the Winterheat BBQ for our local commitment

- purchased 4 goats and 8 chickens for our global commitment

- collected food for our Mission Food Bank,our local commitment

Robin Hood baking award

Thank you SUMMIT so much for your application for the Robin Hood Baking A Difference Award!

I’m so excited to let you know that you’ve received a grant of $500! We loved seeing your students in action and hearing your story, and Robin Hood would love to help support your incredible goals by providing you with this grant to be directed towards Free The Children the pillar and country of your choice.

The prize amount has already been allocated to your school, so please confirm which country and pillar you would like to support, and the grant will be sent towards that project.

Thank you so much for sending in your Media Release Forms for the students appearing in your photo! We’re so excited to share your story. We will keep you posted if the photo will be appearing on any of our websites or social media outlets.

Once again, thank you so much for your application, and for all of your efforts with making the world a better place, one baked treat at a time

Summit chose : Alternative Income and Livelihood projects in Kenya


Click here to see our Me to We congraultions certificate

Bill Fletcher,SuperIndendant and Randy Cairns bbqing outside Friendship Centre,Mission









LearnNow BC







Vice Principal : Grade K- 12

Lynn Cummings


Phone: 604-820-3333

Toll Free: 1-866-881-1984


Fax: 604-820-9505

To register email:


Please forward all purchase requests to:

Please forward all book requests to :









*KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION 2014/2015 . Find out all you need to know HERE.

Download the Registration Form for Kindergarten at Summit Learning Centre HERE


Need extra High School courses? Check out Summit.